Psalm 45:1-15

With gladness and rejoicing they shall be brought; they shall enter the King’s palace. Psalm 45:15

Why is it that so many of us who have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior spend our Christian lives struggling and feeling defeated? One reason may be that we have never grasped exactly what took place at salvation, and we furthermore fail to understand its current meaning in our lives.

God’s viewpoint is that, before trusting Christ as Savior, we were spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:5), under His wrath (John 3:36), and condemned to eternal separation from Him (Revelation 20:15). He saw us in these ways:

  • Walking dead people, who couldn’t make themselves alive
  • People deserving judgment, who couldn’t remove themselves from divine anger by their own efforts
  • Rebellious people who were unable to turn to God apart from the Spirit’s drawing power

Clearly, something outside of ourselves was needed. The Lord loved us to the point that He was willing to do whatever was necessary to rescue us from our desperate condition. God’s solution was grace:

  • He provided a Savior who bore our sins, became sin for us, and endured the wrath of God for those sins.
  • He sent His only Son to pay the debt we owed for our sins—a debt we could not pay.

What took place? A miracle of life for us, who were once spiritually dead.

Thank You for the miracle, God. Thank You for sending a Savior who bore my sin and paid my debt. Thank You for the assurance of eternal life!

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