Psalm 103:1-22

The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. Psalm 103:6

After Peter Marshall’s death, three well-meaning friends approached his wife, Catherine, with the news that she had very little money to live on. She listened to their advice but felt something was missing from their counsel. In The Best of Catherine Marshall she recalls the experience:

Alone in my room later, I stared out the window into the moonlight shining on swaying treetops…. Suddenly, standing there at the window, I knew what the missing factor was.

My three friends who saw my many inadequacies, who had meant to be so kind, had reckoned without God. I remember how often Peter had faced this same attitude with his church officers. He would come home from a trustrees’ meeting sad and grim. “Catherine, no matter what’s presented for their approval, their litany is always the same: ‘But Dr. Marshall, where is the money coming from?’ Where’s their faith in God?”

Either God was with me—”I am that I am,” a face more real than any figures or graphs—or He was not. If He was there, then reckoning without Him was certainly not being “realistic.” In fact, it could be the most hazardous miscalculation of all.

Catherine Marshall discovered one of the purest truths of the Christian life: God is in control of all things. He holds our futures within His omniscient hand. Impossibilities are grand avenues of hope to Him.

Father, help me realize that my impossibilities are avenues of hope. I am assured that You hold my future in Your omniscient hand.

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