4 Responses to LIFE’s FINAL DEADLINE

  1. Ansley says:

    I’ve been a “christian” for a very long time. I’ve been in the same church since I was a baby and my family are all strong christians. but lately, my friends have been getting into drugs, drinking, and cussing. I’ve taken part in all of it except the drinking. It seems glamorous and fun and I haven’t experienced any downfall yet- except the haunting reminders from my pastor about the Christ’s second coming. I want to go to heaven but I also want to have fun with my friends. The guy I’ve been talking to is even an athiest. though he doesn’t pressure me or try to convince me to believe there is no God, I’ve begun to act more and more like him. Even if I was a strong christian, I wouldn’t be too happy about the thought of His second coming. I feel that i haven’t lived my life to it’s full potential yet and the idea that I may never live up to my potential is haunting. I tell myself that it isn’t going to happen any time soon but I find it hard to believe that. I’m scared, what do I do?


  2. @Ansley- Are you sure that you’re ‘saved’? Did you make a sincere committment to God?

    Listen carefully to the words of this song.
    Radically Saved

    I am the grandchild of a preacher so I was raised in a sheltered home until I went off to college. I attended a large secular school where sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, and alcohol were unlimited. I had seen it all. I even became a participator because I began to wonder how the other side lived. After several years of being a part-time ‘Christian’ I was put to shame when I realized that some people were appalled that I would do what they were doing. What was far worse than that was the terrible situations I would get myself into. My conscience bothered me all the time because I knew I was doing wrong. I became embarrassed to be caught in such disrespectful, ungodly, sinful acts. For a time my tongue became untamed and I did not like myself. What hurt me even more was when a good friend totally backed away from me and never spoke to me again because he did not like what he saw happening to me. Eventually I got involved in a very radical church. I figured that I had been doing everything wrong and I needed to make more Christian friends who would help keep me on the right track. I repented of all the wrong things I did and I continued to make mistakes too. To some extent church helped but I soon learned that I could not depend on anybody else. My behavior was between me and God alone just as your salvation is also between you and God alone. This committment that I made to the Lord when I was 9 was suddenly beginning to make sense to me and become more real. Churches are full of professing ‘Christians’ who are pretenders. If you are really a Christian then you are going to be aware of when you are doing something that is not agreeable with God because your conscience will kick in and it sounds like that is happening to you. No one can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13). If you watch what everybody else is doing and think it’s okay because Susie over here is doing it and she’s a real Christian because she gave her heart to the Lord last week. Susie may not know any better or Susie may have only walked up to the altar so she could impress her new boyfriend. You really don’t know. You will wind up in all sorts of wrong directions if you watch what everybody else is doing instead of keeping your eyes on God. The only true source any of us have to guide our lives is our direct connection with God and His Word.

    If you have not yet watched the video called “The Fire” then please do.

    Think about what the word “eternity” means. It means never ending, forever and ever and ever. (Mark 9:40-50, Isaiah 66:24) Hell is a living terror. The bible calls it ‘a lake of fire…. where the worm never dies…” If you listen to people’s testimonies – this is people who have died, had a hell experience, and are brought back to life then the thoughts of hell will terrify you. A hot place where you will burn and yet the flames will never kill you, worms swarming through your body, demons reaching out grabbing you from every direction, horrifying screams and so black that you cannot see anything.

    Watch The Lazarus Phenomenon

    Are you familiar with the story about Lazarus and Abraham? Luke 16:20-31

    When Jesus was walking the earth He did not hang around with the religious crowd. In fact, it was the religious people who betrayed him and hung him on a cross. He was persecuted for spending his time with ungodly people. The difference is that He remained perfect and stainless and followed His Father’s great commission. He loved people in spite of what they did but He did not participate in the things that these ungodly people did. Jesus preached to them and taught them how to live righteously and many of them changed their lives to follow Jesus. Ansley, you want to be a leader, not a follower. We have to live IN this world but we as Christians are called to be like Jesus, not the world. We should be seen as a ‘light’ in this world to unbelievers and lost people who are doing anything and everything while searching for the truth. There is nothing glamorous about any of it. The devil wants you to think it is glamorous but you talk to the people who months and years down the road have fallen so far to the bottom that they nearly died, were sick and realized they were on the wrong road to destruction. There are testimonies everywhere of people being in such a position until somehow they find God and He rescues them out of their mess. The devil will always find your weakness and use it against you. He will lure you with money, with prestige, with power, with glamor, with sex. He will always make something look good to you until he hooks you. For instance drugs. The devil is not going to tell you that your human body will become addicted to them and that a few months down the road you will have no job, no family, no home because you’re a junkie who will kill if you have to in order to get money just to get another high. The devil will be laughing at your ignorance for having fallen for his lie. Your friends who are involved in sex, drugs, alcohol and whatever else may appear to be happy to you for a time but deep inside they are trying to fill a void in all sorts of ways because they do not know the truth. You have the truth and it is up to you to evangelize to the people around you. Ordained preachers are not exclusive to evangelism. I believe that we are all called.

    I really like what Franklin Graham is doing with his ‘Rock the River’ tours across the country because he’s telling people that it’s all about a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s not about religion.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    We have no reason to be ashamed of knowing the truth. There are people who will have a greater respect for you if you stand up for your beliefs and not compromise with the world. There are other people who will resent your choices because they are deceived and they want to take others down with them or they are living in denial or who knows what their hang up is. You don’t want to leave any open door for the devil to slip into your life and spin you around. The devil is clever, but stupid. He will come to you in very subtle ways and whisper lies into your ears and if you are not grounded in the Word of God and learn to discern God’s voice then you will continuously be deceived by the enemy and he will be laughing at you all the way into hell. The serpent, the devil, even came to Jesus when he went into the desert to be alone with God. The devil came to tempt Him but Jesus replied to devil in scripture and so it is also with us. If we are studying God’s Word, praying and staying close to God then when the devil comes to tempt us we will recognize him and know how to respond. Read Matthew 4.

    I have made a lot of mistakes in life and I have been through an overwhelming amount of pain and rejection in my life. I know the devils tricks. I’ve seen what he has tried to do in my own life and I have seen how he has destroyed other people’s lives. Either a person decides that they have had enough of the devil’s games and they turn to God giving their whole life to Him, or else they continue down that wide road to hell denying all truths and facts. I would rather live my life for God believing the Bible must be true and there is a heaven and hell than to live like there is no God and find out that my eternal destiny is hell.

    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Matthew 7:13

    Is Jesus expected to return soon? Yes, He is, and yes, people have made this claim for decades however the bible tells us to be ‘watchful’ and that we WILL recognize the signs of His coming. Read Matthew 24. There are many chapters of the bible which foretell what is happening in this world right now and what is ahead. This is bible prophecy. You need to be reading your bible everyday and spending your own personal time with God and if you want Him to and ask Him to He will reveal things to you like you have never imagined. When Jesus does come and He says to His people “Come up hither” I would not want to be here one second longer because at that moment the tribulation period will begin and the people who are left behind will see terror like no one has ever seen before. The bible says that no one knows the day or the hour that Jesus will return but we will know when the time is near. Do you want to take that chance of being in a compromising position when Jesus comes for you? (Matthew 25:13, Mark 13:32) When He comes in a ‘twinkling of an eye’ there will not be time to repent and follow Him. (1 Corinthians 15:52)

    You might want to pray about and consider getting involved in an outreach program for young people. It might be just the thing you need to fire you up. God might have a special calling on your life that you could be missing out on unless you get closer to Him.


  3. My partner and i without doubt need to think a lot more in that course to see things i can do regarding it.


  4. katia says:

    it seems…similarities do not intail honest teliingments unto each other.


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